Ages 8 to 17, (Exceptions may be made, following a short sailing interview, for siblings, sailors with previous experience and younger children with a remarkable desire for adventure. The youngest student so far was in her words "five and three quarters".)

Required equipment includes As always, sailors will need two pairs of closed toed shoes (one will get wet), a change of clothes, hat, water bottle, a swim suit and a towel. Rain jacket, sweater, long pants, etc. if the weather calls for it.


and learn the "ins and outs" of how to sail it over

a whole week of fun sailing activities.

Optimist $320

($280 Discounted)

The smallest of the small boats, known as the 'bathtub', the Optimist is a great way for younger (6 to 14) and lighter children (50 to 120 pounds) to gain confidence sailing alone. This boat is the best opportunity for young children to get involved in competing against other teams.











Sunfish $340

($300 Discounted)

Larger, heavier, and more complex, the Sunfish is great for those already familiar with it's particularities, but also for those in the market for the most affordable sailboat around! This boat is usually sailed solo for pleasure by older (12 to 17) and bigger (minimum 110 pounds) children, although it is also commonly raced in regattas.












Hobie Catamarans $360

($320 Discounted)

The most "fun" of all the boats, catamarans with their two sails and two hulls are a good way to develop a new set of sailing skills and begin exploring more possibilities in terms of speed, crew capacity, thrills and more.

Picos $300

($260 Discounted)

Only slightly larger than an Optimist, Picos are colorful, indestructible and easily rigged boats adapted to children of all ages and sizes. Usually sailed double handed (with crew) these boats teach the basics of teamwork and good boat handling skills while encouraging fun and safety.











Lasers $340

($300 Discounted)

Faster and more technical, the Laser is THE most popular single-handed small racing sail boat around. This boat is for bigger (minimum 110 pounds), older (12 to 17) and more competitive children who aspire to be racers.














Flying Juniors $360

($320 Discounted)

Essentially a High School and College level small racing sailboat, Flying Juniors also have two sails. However, their monohull, no cleats, low boom, long extension, short tiller construction encourages young sailors to develop technical skills that will cary them through the rest of their lives racing sailboats.

Please note: Current community sailing student members, sailors signed up with siblings, sailors who have previously attended a camp or clinic here, as well as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Sea Scouts are eligible for the discounted price.





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